• vritika 31w

    As an indian citizen. For a change is possible.

    Dear amazing and wonderful thought breeding fellow writers,
    The unmoved course of time has taught me that mere expression of our aches out of the unfortunate scars of rape, sexual assault, violence, honour killing and dowry cases are not enough to bring a change to the existing situation. We blame the government, the patriarchal society, the unexecuted or inefficient laws regarding them and what not. Which, for the record, haven't been able to bring a significant change. And for readers who haven't seen the plight, trust me, in some regions of the nation girls and women are no more than a puppet so sickened that a majority of them think that they are "supposed" to live like that. As a result the incidents of rape are concealed like anything considering it a "ghar ki badnaami" and "samaj me anaadar". The cases we come to know through news are the ones reported. Imagine the magnitude of this heinous crime after considering those which are NOT reported. Unfathomable? That's the harsh reality of today. There is a reason I'm writing this to you visionaries. LET US ALL DISCUSS ABOUT SOME PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS TO THIS BLEMISH BECAUSE IT'S YOU WHO CAN BRING A CHANGE, INDIVIDUALLY AND COLLECTIVELY. CAN WE?