• rishikarawat 6w

    I exist, lately, in a field of exhaustion and trapped emotions
    the reeds are tangled in navy blue & bleed
    into the sky & into me, in that space behind
    my eyes where my consciousness lives,
    but only barely.
    In that space i feel sunken
    deep in mud, that river kind
    where you don’t move in fear of
    un-earthing some long dead or long
    sleeping creature. & what if, then,
    i discover i am the creature? all that known fear
    & loath is inside of me, tangled in my bones and joints, flows with my sucked blood up and down
    to avoid the water. 
    And, then the day comes
    She talks with her hands and plays with her glasses when she's nervous, and try to crack me up with her lame skit and jokes and she's smarter than I'll ever be and braver too, and

    "my mind knows she's here
    my heart has yet to grasp".


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