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    Unexpected Hero

    Chapter 19 - Raid

    The day of the Raid arrives , the resistance army is ready for the assault . Silver briefing the army " the day we've been waiting for is finally here , today we will win our freedom " the army replies by shouting in unison . Meanwhile in capital the flame ceremony begins , Raizen hoists flame's flag atop the Royal palace , all the members of flames are on the ground and begin distribution of food and alcohol to the crowd . Flame's commander in chief Kong is on the ground inspecting the arrangements . Flame's army commanders - Black star , zancrow are on the ground with Kong . Dragon , right hand man of Raizen is on the Royal palace's roof with Raizen as Raizen steps forward to deliver his speech to the crowd . Resistance army base X2 , silver briefing the army " I along with the bosses will land on the roof and take on Raizen , the entire Army led by Knightwalker and Cross4 will take on Flame's army present on the ground . Earlier the spying team found out about a part of orb hidden in palace's basement . The spying team led by stussy along with Serena will invade the Royal palace's basement to steal the part of orb hidden there . We have 1 part of orb with us and remember Serena and stussy we need that hidden part of orb to succeed " and suddenly a swordsman in cloak appeared behind silver

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