• jamaree_writes_poems 20w

    Jealous Intentions

    "Yeah you don't think I can sense it but I do as it's so thick in the Air,
    Even though it's obvious, I'm going to keep doing me as I don't Care,
    Nobody is going to stop me from showing you my raw love and Emotions,
    I got those feelings for you that are so strong that they can move Oceans,
    Can't help it that I choose to be the good man and be Loyal,
    That actually goes the extra mile for his lady and let's her know that she is so Royal,
    You can bad mouth me all you want me but I know my place and where I Stand,
    And don't expect me to crash and burn because I know how to Land,
    But through all of the hate, I'm going to show you the same respect that I always give You,
    Because I'm a gentleman and that's just what I Do,
    When I'm not in your vicinity, I'm always constantly in your Mentions,
    That's okay though, you can stay talking as I'm going to keep staying committed to my woman as you go on with your jealous Intentions ..."