• d_i_v_a_expressions 5w

    Deep Calling to deep

    I'm not who I used to be.
    I'm me and I'm growing.
    Like a seed sown deep in the ground.
    As the sound of eternity seeps.
    Into my spirit like water.
    And I can hear it getting stronger daily.
    The longing keeps yearning.
    While burning like a flame.
    That cannot be tamed or contained.
    I'm amazed and as a result start balling.
    Deep calling to deep.
    Manifesting dreams in my sleep.
    Flying to reach the higher level.
    Of revelation through the education.
    In the Bible, a revival is taking place.
    As God looks at me saying.
    Into Me you see is His plea.
    To an invitation of conversation
    As friends here on earth also in heaven.
    Gladly I accept now let our journey begin.

    october 21, 2020