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    Maybe i have wrote literally something stupid but thoughts are always stupid!

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    Thought call

    "Sometimes in the first glance
    things look catchily but obliviously obvious
    And sometimes it takes a fair chance to make it that obvious.
    Like eye to eye, eye for eye
    The Only defect is that the
    Retina of one eye, expands
    (I'm talking about crush thing)
    Whereas another eye
    Compresses basically because of
    diabolic nature of unwanted affection.
    The people I have,
    Have a strong believe that i am born in a generation of dissatisfaction
    Things i need are superficial
    (adjustment didn't consider this kind of demand draft)
    My mouth is virgin, so are my lungs and liver
    And the love i want to see, has a poker face
    Rambling around the bar
    Maybe they are right
    Or they are picky
    Or they just love to judge the silence
    But they don't know that
    I am a compound mixture of
    Realistic vision
    Contemporary speech.
    And still boys think I'm boring.
    They didn't read me very well or they just want a blow job through hand.
    They have always been picky, peaky, pranky
    Around me and I am stupid enough who in one moment start seeking my lost miracle in them
    That falling comet touching the eclipse kind of miracle."

    So I hang up my thought call
    I explain to myself
    That these days, experience is the strongest disease
    To numb life
    I should value this intactness
    Because i don't have an obvious option
    To continue this life in any other way.