• timedrifter 10w

    The Skeleton's Promise

    A lifeless soul crept in a skeleton.
    Walking in a world where you can never be in a peloton.
    A cold hard shell is all that remains.
    I neither have cells, tendons or a brain.
    Just alive with the strings of reality.
    A blessing turned into a curse due to immortality.
    All that's left is a cold iron heart.
    It caught your sight even though we were so far apart.
    Came into my domain with all the love you could.
    I never wanted you to suffer with me or sound crude.
    Just kept on pushing me to do better and be positive.
    With no comebacks or unnerving relative.
    Taught me to love and heal.
    Taught my cold dead heart how to feel.
    Taught me how to control my life.
    Showed me the way as to how I can thrive.
    Those gray bones are gray no more.
    I can feel and laugh which is nothing like before.
    So this is my promise to you for my life.
    That I will always stay by your side as you go on to strive.
    Even in death, I will hold your hand.
    Only reawaken you with immortality at your command.