• navya2002 47w

    Inspite of being beauty the eyes of Syrian kids possessing terror... changing our display pic to black. Will give nothing to them and can Never change their situation. Reading and sharing posts about deadly attacks on innocent civilians of syria.and feeling grief will do nothing.
    What else we can do apart from protesting in social media. Writing in blogs, bleeding through nib. Praying for them.
    Nothing is going to repay their loss.

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    The bombshell sounds among the crowds.
    The school going children wrapped in shrouds.
    All the creature great and small wake up drenched in sweats.
    Every single living souls are mourning. Even the clouds.
    Children bodies are being ploughed.
    The red stains and corpses laid on the road.
    The seeds of massacre and inhumanity have been sowed.
    Here and now. Parents without kids.
    And kids without parents.
    No cradle songs to sing.no promises to keep.
    No memories to revive, no energy to cry.
    Anymore they all longs for a deep sleep.