• _sne_ha_ 9w

    Words can't express the amount of admiration I have for you,
    So I tried to sing you a song,
    But my voice didn't agree,
    So I'm here with my pen and paper,
    Telling you that your the one person whom I could fall for everyday and still want you more,
    Whom I consider my best friend, my side kick, my partner in crime and my better half.
    Life may be a bumpy road,
    But with you by my side the roads bumps won't mean a thing,
    Your words flatter me and your spoiling me everyday with your words,
    I am amazed by the amount of positivity you have filled in my life.
    I know I am not always the ideal person I make flaws and I know I suck at my words, but all I wanna say is,
    THANK YOU, for seeing something in me that made you wanna open up to me,
    And as you always say, we'll see to it when we get there,
    I'm so excited to see what the future wit hold for both of us together,

    Forever yours,
    A pink ping with wings flying above the waterfall