• stardustxo 4w


    they say a girls bestfriends are diamonds

    Yes but to most they are

    They say that girls loves to be given a bunch of roses

    Yes but only if it's given from pure love not pure guilt

    They say when man are dealing with weman. Women thrive on attention

    Yes but only if it's given from the right man at the right time

    They say girls are high maintenance

    Yes but only if it's necessary

    They say women are fussy

    No but we hold high-class

    They say us women lack effort

    No we only stop trying when we start getting neglected

    They say us women start heated arguments

    But no that's where you are highly wrong

    We only battle with you because of your actions that caused it

    Thay say woman do nothing

    But have they noticed what we sacrifice for them

    They say women don't forgive easily

    But we forgive them for all the things they would have hated us for

    And the thing they don't realise is that woman are just like a diamond small but yet delicate and precious

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