• rashady 6w

    Cheap No-Offence

    Ha, Sincere Devotee To My Dreams Men,
    Tried To "Date A Mental"
    Yep, Dear You "Meant Hell" To Me,
    Your Mind Filled With Thoughts Which,
    Could've Made My Life To Enter In To Another "Detrimental Direction"
    I Would Have Woken-Up Slow, But The Lord Above Rushed The Process
    See I'm Just Another Fool To Your Fake Heart, I'm A Bump Ahead In The Road, You Just Dump Me,
    Then Might Cut My Soul Half, Enough It's Better For Me To Live Sole
    My Hard Work Kisses A Volcano, Those Psychos Got Jealous Naysayers Riding Your Boat
    Eatin' Your Life Cheese And Self-Fishes Got Roasted
    And If I Stayed I Would've Got Stroke, Might've Choked To Death Or Lived Broke
    Like A Diamond Made Of Charcoal, Don't Hold It Makes You To Feel Too Cold
    That's Why My Heart Is Too Old , Been A Broken Hero, With The Lost Soul
    And Only Lord Saved 'Cos I Was Trying To Step Inside Wrong Home.
    Therefore I Dont Give A Damn About Your Tomorrow
    And I Might Play With These Pain, It Ain't Nothin' But Pane Of The Window Life
    Your Love Just Fuckin' With Complaints, This Life Is Reward Given By Lord So I Claim
    Dear Just Stay Away Insane, And Just Don't Fuck With Real Men
    I Might End Your Carrier In Vein, Or Stand Forever In Your Small Brain
    'Cos I'm Might Play With Your Pain To Get Fine.

    ©Rash Ady