• mardiam 9w


    You who are broken,
    You who've lost your way back home.
    None to hear your screams and shouts,
    You can't go on, your heart and soul's drained out.
    The harder you try to find your way, the farther you tend to stray.
    Your body badly beaten, your energy gradually weakens.
    You feel the world is against you, but No! You are mistaken.
    There's a way out, if only you'd listen.
    YOU are your own HOME!
    Your loved ones always at the side of your fence.
    All you need is get to know yourself again.
    Talk to 'YOU', listen to 'YOU', apologize the 'YOU' ,forgive the 'YOU'.
    Pick yourself up, mend the crevices and build broken bridges between yourself and 'YOU'.
    Take a look in the mirror,
    A reflection of 'YOU' the survivor.
    Love and accept yourself.
    Scars are beautiful, shows how you came through.
    Smile through the tears, kiss away the blues.
    Life is tough for sure,
    But You're gonna win cause you are the cure.
    It all lies within 'YOU',
    To give up or continue.