• theabsentpoet 10w


    i lied and said i was busy.
    but i was busy.
    not in a way people would accept as an ‘excuse.’
    i was busy going through a massive end of an era.
    i was busy discovering myself in not one, but many countries with people i had just met but would never forget.
    i was busy meeting my soulmate, the love of my life, and muddling my way through the start of our forever.
    i was busy losing my passion and disappearing so far into a depression that no one could understand because they all had their safety net, a guaranteed lifeline.
    i was busy learning to love myself again after the world had forced me to feel anything but perfect.
    i was busy revelling in my moment until i was told it wasn’t mine to live anymore.
    i was busy. i still am.
    i will not apologise for what this season has done to me.
    you just have to deal with it.

    © danielle burrell