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    I call myself a feminist.
    Not because I hate men, just saying, before you start jumping to conclusions.
    We always have been considered the “other", let's face it. I have felt such things in my own home, even in the 21st century. I do not want my parents to let me stay out till 10 P.M. but yes, if I come home before dusk, I want my brother to do the same. Now, you would think that's just a small thing what to just rant about, but, that's just one of the small things.
    I've heard my father saying, ”you know, I will get you married if you didn't get good marks". Although he didn't mean it literally. Or did he? I've never heard my father saying the same thing to my brother?
    Anyone would just laugh at other's face.
    Now, there are things I'd like to point out. The society, has always considered “marriage", the last resort for women. What I feel about marriage, is that it's like a contract, that you might or not want to sign. Also, can't men be homemakers? Or do homemakers are only considered “sit still look pretty"?
    What I feel is, duties, either of people who go out of home to perform them or stay home to perform them, are “DUTIES", irrespective of gender.
    Being a feminist isn't something you should be opposing or be ashamed of.
    Credits - @the_nonchalant_one

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