• siddharth_khatri 10w


    I tried
    To reignite
    Lost feelings
    Towards you

    I realized
    They are frozen
    Buried in the hate
    You have for me
    In your heart deep

    The dagger you left
    In my ever bleeding heart
    Has bruised it
    Perhaps irreparably

    My wailing heart
    Will continue to weep
    In screaming silence
    Till my shaken soul
    Strengthens enough
    To love again.

    Untill then, my dear past
    You can praise your smarts
    But let me tell you plain and crisp
    If the past was yours
    And the present, nobody's
    The future shall ever be mine

    So this parting note
    Full of cheerful melancholy
    Is a stark reminder to you
    That the future shall ever be mine
    And a very special thank you
    For you did ignite my passion
    Obviously ensuring
    That the future shall ever be mine