• godopediaology 6w

    GODOPEDIAOLOGY moral value 3

    Pardon: I will forgive the sin committed by everyone. You can get me in the confession box of the church through a pope or else by performing puja, havan(sacred ritual) through a high temple priest or by obtaining the blessings of a darga baba(Muslim priest) and in all the holy sacred places by the customs they follow. So I assure you sinfree.

    Sin: if a sin gets pardoned by your ways then why sufferings on earth is increasing day by day. Neither you nor I have the rights to do it and the one who has the authority to do it is unknown to both of us, then why lie simply?

    Pardon: Because there is no thing greater than forgiving someone.

    Sin: I guess you are right but this rule doesn't implement on all the sins, there are some where your this rule becomes obselete.