• mistiedaee 5w


    Taking all your heartache in my skin, what took away your innocence, I'll take away that sin. Your heart is still under a cage, my love for him is just camaflogue for what i feel about you.

    I love you so much I cannot let you go, I want to leave before he knows. My heart is just to much of yours to care, I can't just feel what isn't there. Deliver me from my fate, when I'm with you I don't hate. He doesn't deserve to love me, my heart was taken long ago, I want to change so I want him to let me go.

    I still feel your fingers on my lips, sliding through all parts of me, and feeling every inch. Nothing can replace you in my mind, I'm so confused that you would swear to god that he was blind.

    So break my heart against your soul and slam my soul into your stones, your a angel fallen to my ground, and now I am lost and I hope I never ever know ... Your so lucky that you never have to know....