• thetwistedmonacle 24w


    Shatter me if you can!
    I am made of glass but harder than stone,
    I made of stars that once shone.

    Break me if you can!
    I am light as a feather,
    But stronger than weather.

    Destroy me if you can!
    I am what makes me,
    I am who I want to be.

    I am shattered and I pick my pieces on my own,
    And I'm not afraid to walk alone.

    This path I took will stay mine,
    Even if I must cross the line.

    I am pretty in my own way,
    You are too, don't frown in dismay.

    I am unique with all my personality,
    And not scared to give out in charity.

    And so try to tear me down with all your might,
    See me rising up from the fight.

    You'll see all of this mattered,
    Because you see, I am shattered.