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    Looking Back on faded And Broken Dreams Of A Life That Was Once So Near And Dear To Me... All That Remains Is Those Songs Of Joy That Cloud My Mind And Soul That Attaches Me To A Specific Person, Place Or Thing As i Drift Through A Lifetime Of Sadness, Happiness, Pain, Loneliness, Grief, And Now Betrayal... It Dreadful Too Rem·i·nisce That Once There Were Many Now There Are Less Than Few, The Ones That Could Or Would Help Are Far And The Ones That Suspiciously Look Down On You Are Standing In My Way Of Fulfilling Inner Peace... There Shame Is My Sentence Of Exile Lost In Time Left To Drift Aimlessly Without Hope... Ahh, But One Day Life Will Have Meaning When Things Are Brought To Light As i Go Onward To A Home Coming As A Peaceful Distant Memory... Waiting For My Day To Stare At Time Piecing Together Those Moments Or Memories Just To Let Go Of Everything All The Sadness, Pain, Grief, And Heartache... Longing For A Smile That Isn't Attach To A Time Associated With The Lost A Friend Or Family Member As i Reminisce On A Time We Once Shared... But How i Say That i Care Or Love, If We Didn't Share Something As Friend Or Love One, But You Can Cut Me Off Because Of Inadequate Feelings Of Guilt Or Ignore Fact That i Ever Existed In A Time Lost... Looking Through Mournful Or Tearful Eyes As If i Was Dead To The World....! As Lies, Hatred, Betrayal, Deceit And Revenge Surround... (me) ... My Life Continues To Spirals Out Of Control Because Of People Who Set Out To Destroy Your Character With Inconsistent Views Of Your Life Because They Don't Know Me... Victory Will Be Mines When i Go On Into GOD's Glory..... "That's A Beautiful Home Going"..... #love #life #inspiration #friendship #thoughts #diary #poetry #travel

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    "A Beautiful
    Home Going"...