• midnighthoughts 45w

    >>it's not end. we'll still rise. let them come. oh darling, just bring out the big guns.
    8:57 Tuesday 30 1

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    Bring out your stones, whip out your sticks,
    Lash out on me, see if I fucking flinch.
    Whatever you hold, put it on my skin
    Then see if I fucking react to it.
    I wouldn't, for I learned how not to.
    Whichever weapon you got, thrash it on me
    Then see if I fucking turn blue from that.
    I never, for I've seen them all
    Been through all, and still stood up after the fall.
    Burn me with your fire,
    You'd just see that I fucking got my own.
    And with it, can tear you apart like you've never been.
    Scald me with your flames,
    Then find that I still fucking healed, just like I've always did.
    Push me down, shove me around
    You'll always get that rising up has become my pet.
    Leave me below, face in the dirt
    You'll watch that I defy gravity, and the ground revers me.
    Steal my crown, snatch my honor
    See that you'd never freeze my fire
    Cause some things are never stolen,
    Other things never misplaced.
    Whatever you inflict- nothing I've never seen.
    Cold? I'm the coldest you'd ever meet.
    Hot? I'm the hottest you'd ever touch.
    Now tell me what you got,
    'cause baby you'll never drag me down.