• phoenix_in_ashes 9w

    Meticulous eyes for songs, no malice
    Intoxicated with gratitude and smile
    Rarely on display my emotional vibes
    Vault of thoughts shed light on poems
    Crushed beneath mound of books
    Utopian breeze my mind is so lost
    Aloof and distant not much connections
    Be in love with dogs and rabbits forever
    Compassionate beyond affection
    Succor bane with precious workouts
    Find narratives in profound films
    Wish to voyage across unseen world
    Constant for close human bonds
    Humble and obsessed with same paths.

    #cees_fff_chall #pod #mirakee
    "adrift from actual ambitions cause procrastination is my mightiest evil. Though i still find time for important ones ��"

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