• verseless 6w


    [this is based on an old talking dog joke. [

    I was looking through the classified in my local news Gazette.
    I Saw an ad saying talking dog. 50 bucks. i wondered if they had him yet?

    So I called the. Number at the bottom of the ad and some old man picked up.
    I said Do you still have the talkin dog for 50 bucks? The old man just said "yup."

    I said "you mind if I come over and take a look?"
    He said "that'd be fine . I live on the corner of 5th and brook."

    I put the address in my google map app.
    and drove over to where the talkin dog was at.

    An old man answered the door when I rang the bell.
    I said "I'm here to see the talking dog." The old man said,"do tell."

    He invited me in and we exchanged our names.
    I said "my names joe" he said his name was james

    James says, "the dog is down in the bedtoom he's lying on the bed"
    I say "thanks" and down the hall I head.

    I open the door and there's the dog just like james had said.
    TV remote in his right paw and a pillow under his head.

    I said "james says your a talking dog is that really true?"
    The dog looks up and says "mr I suspect I can talk as good as you.

    I ask the dog "you got a name?" The dog says "yeah they call me dale."
    I said "a real talkin dog. Pardon the pun, but You must really have a tale."

    Dale said "yes I do. And if you have time to set a spell
    Crack a beer and set on down and My lifes story I will tell."

    "I started out in New York city down on old broadway.
    I was the star in a very famous broadway play."

    "I won a couple Tony's and things were going fine.
    But the show shut down so i got a job training dogs to lead the blind."

    "I was pretty good at it to I think because I was one of their own kind.
    But I left there after about year cause I got tired of the same old grind."

    "I went to canine rescue school. I thought saving lives would be as gas.
    Out of a 100 dogs that were training I graduated number one in my class."

    "About the time I graduated the twin towers hit the ground.
    I went up and volunteered to do some rescue and just generally hang around."

    "Ater that I enlisted in the canine corps. And sir this is just a fact.
    The ink on the paper was barely dry when I shipped out for iraq."

    "Over there I got cited for bravery and won 2 bronze stars and a purple heart.
    When it came time to reup I told them no. I already did my part."

    "I figured I'd go home and with all my skills some where I'd get hired.
    But after 6 months and no job I moved to Flordia and retired."

    "I told james I would be his dog if he paid the rent and baught my food.
    And I am such a great dog that I can't imagine why he wants sell me dude."

    I thanked the dog and said goodbye and went to look up james
    I found him In the living room watching GSN. you know those tv games?

    I said "james why do you want to sell a talkin dog that lived the life he's lived
    It's amazing all the places he has been and all the things he did."

    "if you kept him you could make a fortune just using him for sire
    But if your set on selling him for 50 bucks well i'll gladly be the buyer."

    James said "You are proably right I could make a lot just using him for sire
    But I can't stand being around him. cause he didn't do any of that stuff he's says he did . He's just a big dam liar!