• andigrace 22w

    I've prayed for understanding of these changes. Working on the progression forward, a daunting task. Everywhere I turn it seems the next logical step, is blocked.
    Then I heard out loud, but in my head, clearly and absolute. I cannot carry him into this next step of my life as I have carried him up to this point.
    An explanation of why the next steps are not coming in usable order.
    I must purge some of the weight before I can move forward. People are not things, and things are not people. But it's more than that. These things, these personal items hold tightly damaging energy, it's this that I cannot carry forward. So the purging began. Heartbreaking, emotionally wrenching, tear jerking, rip the scars wide open purging.
    And it's starting to feel good, when I let it.