• amberstorm 24w


    I know I must not give in to my hearts desire.
    I must not give in to the overwhelming temptation reaching against the knowledge of my hypocrisy.
    I must not rekindle that disastrous flame once heartbreakingly offered to me and yet, also, painstakingly snuffed out by me.
    Oh, how I still love you!
    My soul aches in ways I never imagined it would. Even my tears are tired of quietly mourning behind the illusions of a happy heart!
    But I must not give in.
    Although my life itself seems unbearably incomplete without your smile, my mind struggling to resist thoughts of our past departures, I won't miss my flesh; my blood, if I linger on my longing for you. I won't feel the need to find myself, if I allow myself to continuously search for you.
    And every prayer will cease to exist if all I can think about are your lips.