• leemirae 6w

    This post describe the nightmare I frequently have been encountering for a while. The word 미안해 means sorry.

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    미안해- Our last moment together

    The same dream haunts me each day even after waking up. I see a boy standing on the roof of a building.

    His back is always facing me so I have never seen his face.The namsan tower can be spotted from that building and each time. I feel a light breeze grazing my face.

    It makes me curious and afraid at the same time. Curious to see his face and afraid to see the dream become reality.

    I don't know why but my heart clenches each time.The clothes change,his haircut changes but the lean figure standing there assures it's him each time.

    Each time he blends perfectly in the scenery and I stand there as a captivated trespasser.
    But oh! Beauty is universally fleeting and my dreams are no exception. Before I can shake off the magic of his Aura a tragedy happens.

    He jumps of the building whispering a single word and I just watch in horror unable to move.

    I wake up each night in cold sweat with a single word ringing in my head - 미안해.