• jwinchester 5w

    Wounded Tombs (Revision I)

    I found a disease
    spill from tounge
    a rancor not polite,
    I seek where from.

    I retreat so to hide
    in my solitude sick
    manifests behind
    walls built so thick.

    Where I sit it turns
    what once kept out
    for a place I felt safe
    now I sanity doubt.

    There are locusts
    foul they do pursue
    when I delve down
    in an airless tomb.

    Yet the sun shines
    from time to time.
    Examine my mind
    I do inside its light.

    Touch in brambles
    from hearts so dead,
    bleed sight's delight,
    flow rivers of dread.

    I search courage I
    summize I do have;
    my hell it revealed
    life's tortured path.