• jahdwensaseres 24w


    I warned you. Believe what may,
    Come all the same, I know.
    Its fears that give you space to grow.
    Inside you. A hurricane
    Of disbelief, dismay.
    And still youre standing here
    So come what may.

    I wonder how I found you.
    Standing on the edge of a tunnel
    You'll see, I held your hand
    and now youre off with me.
    Please understand.

    But still I warned you.
    I promised not to leave, I never did.
    I promised not to leave so Im a friend.
    I promised not to go. I held your hand
    We walked the tunnel
    And played pretend

    That it was working
    You'd head out,
    and bow your head
    as we fell out
    And drowned yourself
    In alchohol
    Shouting wish Id never
    Even met you at all.

    And so I warned you.
    That it will never work
    Oh yes I did.
    So I started from the top
    From the beggining.
    I wanted to be just the best of friends
    But youd come around and grip my hand!

    Drunk and lying!
    Lying and drunk!
    Said Id have chances,
    And run for fun!
    Walk the same road!
    But never walk beside me!
    Walk the day,
    But night's behind me!
    All those promises
    Left my side like
    Hurricanes and butterflies
    Now I know, that after the storm
    Some flowers could still grow
    And ill call them my own.