• cheeks 10w


    Like death pain is also inevitable–well like different things. But do you know why I started it with pain? Well because all of us experiences it. There are pains which you can handle well. The kind of pains you can brush away easily while contrary to that their are pains that can’t be handled easily. Pain that makes you broken–shattered into billion of pieces. The kind of pain that affects everything, inside and outside your body. Their are pain that can be physically felt and can be seen with our naked eyes. Their are also pains that are hidden to oblivion. You–yourself can only see and feel it.

    Some pains have direct reasons, reasons that can be fixed. Sadly their are also pains that have no reason. You just feel it you know it but you can’t understand where its coming from. For me, thats the worst kind of pain. The pain that you can’t understand, the kind if pain that shatters you more than you know it. Dreadfully painful and all of these are all inevitable. It just happens you can’t stop all of this from happening.

    Pain is painful. Hurts more than a stab at your heart.