• parvathy_nayana 6w

    These poems I write
    Are odes to your life
    Your hopes and dreams
    And twinkling eyes
    Still haunt my days
    With restless spite
    I want to cry, I want to grieve
    Yet all I do is hope you lived

    Every sunrise, evey sunset
    Every moment since that fateful day
    Feels like a mirage
    Blended horizons

    I'm mad and sad and still in shock
    Thinking about all that
    You could have had

    Every breath today is like a crime
    I feel I owe it to you somehow
    Something I have yet to figure out

    In a world that is too far away
    I know the lullabies are pleasant everyday.

    #ssr #sushantsinghrajput #gonetoosoon #gonebutnotforgotten #westillloveyou

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    Poems I write are odes to your life