• lady_maia89 9w

    Kindness of Strangers

    For many years of my life
    I walked a solitary road
    An echoing loneliness shrouded me
    A depressive episode

    I was made to feel so small
    Without much faith or hope
    I wondered if life would get better
    Or if I was meant for this downward slope

    Small rays of light
    No matter how fantastical
    Were all I had to cling to
    To make my life more magical

    And that is exactly what you did
    Aged 8, of you I became aware
    You were my own Prince Charming
    The answer to my prayer

    In my darkest moments
    I turned to you, rewatched every single scene
    I didn't care if I looked crazy
    Or that you were just a dream

    I never once believed
    I would get the chance to meet you
    But when opportunity came knocking
    It was something I had to see through

    On the surface all you saw
    Was some manufactured pride
    There was no way for you to know
    Just how broken I was inside

    Recovering from a breakdown
    A medicated, certified wreck
    Relying on pills just to function
    Fingers closing around my neck

    In everything you did for me
    You lifted me from the ground
    Every word, hug, smile and compliment
    Saved me before I drowned

    It may seem ridiculous
    I've often been accused of insanity
    But you saved my life that day
    With your kindness and humanity

    Ever since our first meeting
    Whenever things got dark and gritty
    I always remembered how you
    Made me feel and how you called me pretty

    I always wanted to thank you
    For the joy you brought to my days
    Your influence inspired me to go on
    In you I will believe, always

    Six years later, we met again
    As sweet and gracious still
    I told you everything and explained
    How you were my miracle

    Humbled by my words
    You smiled and held me tight
    And then you whispered in my ear
    I'm glad you didn't give up the fight

    Today is your birthday
    Fifty years - a golden jubilee
    And it has come as a shock to me
    That I have supported you for twenty-three

    I wish you so much happiness
    Continued future success
    But never, ever forget your best trait
    Your unconditional kindness.