• why_prakhar 6w

    "Peace-Land" is precisely where it should be. Perfectly entangled in the clouds of serenity, away from the clutches of uncertainty and loneliness.
    I'm not. I'm not at peace. Not physically. Not mentally. I've been constantly running in the maze of fear, encircled by the dreaded pain of being left alone, trying to overcome the pain, tired and waiting for an aid!
    I took the road which said "Peace", "1 mile ahead". I've been driving ever since, failing to complete that last mile. I crossed the diversion and couldn't take the turn that said "Sleep" because it's been under construction for long. I think I'm lost and there are no traffic signals to be found. The speed limit says I can't pull off and the fuel's running low. I desperately need some help.
    Will I ever be able to get to my own "Peace-Land"?