• amour_haineux 5w

    Toxicating love

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    Smoking/Love.Which is more toxic?

    It's easy to compare love and drinks.
    Somebody reminded me that every drinkers have a story to tell.
    What about smoking then???
    Smoking gives a sort of pleasure,if you smoke alone in a dark night watching the stars you'll be in your own world.
    Love also gives us pleasure and same goes with it's effects when you're with your loved ones.
    Smoking slowly kills us so does love.
    Smoking feels right at the beginning but when you finish it you will feel the bitterness it gave you.So does love,it also leaves us bitter memories.
    The smoke goes like air and just vanishes like our broken heart and it's memories.
    But we can quit smoking if we want,but still we can't stop thinking about the painful memories of our past love.
    So smoking kind of gives relief and love still remains there as a needle poking deep inside your heart.