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    Beyond The Crown

    Every evening,
    She strolls the common grounds,
    Despite her parents warnings.
    For her, royalty is like an adornment;
    It only beautifies the body—
    Her blue garment doesn't make her any different.

    Always singing,
    With a tone that controls the trees.
    They make way for her
    As she enters her foreign home.
    Her smile radiates;
    And everyone gets this feeling of hope.

    This maiden,
    Carrying gifts for these common ones;
    With no aiding from anyone.
    And letting some drop
    For those still crawling.
    Yes, love still pours from above.

    Just like earth,
    She cares for every soul;
    And every place
    That light touches.
    She's a salt to the earth.
    And a light to the world.

    Yes she has royal blood;
    But yet she must be loyal
    To the ones she's responsible for.
    Cause a master must be a servant to all.
    Her humility spreads like a wild fire;
    Burning off every proud desire.

    Picture credit- Layla Nowras

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