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    A little bit of mathematics in poetry. Hope it makes sense. To me, it did

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    The story starts

    No, not start, The story is always there

    Just the actors change

    So lets say the actors met

    And the story started... again

    The story hasnt ended yet

    Because part of it, thats supposed to happen

    Has not happened yet

    The characters are evolving, rather dissolving into one another right now

    They will become one soon, like you wont be able to make out

    Which one is which

    He and She will become "they"

    I and you will become "Us"

    "Us" will be good for a while, quite worthwhile

    And then they will start to search their identity, their part in the play

    Kind of like, starting to question the "Us"

    Starting to ponder which one is me

    But they wont find it

    Because there is no "me"

    1+1 has become 2

    So they will start breaking free off the chain

    First it will be "Us with a little bit of me outside"

    And then slowly it will become "1" and "1" with no "+"

    You see, the characters dissolve and then they evolve

    If 1+1 doesnt become more than 2, it is not sustainable

    If the union doesnt help each one be more than themselves

    If one of them feel lesser than what they were

    It breaks

    And eventually both become less than 1

    And the story ends!

    But not right now, right now the story is on track....

    of repeating itself like thousand times before

    Like that one classical broadway show

    That plays every season, sometimes with different actors