• three65 9w

    Envy: The Seventh Deadly -

    Biblical refer to the book of Ezekiel
    I'm not jealous of Wrath, Pride, Greed, Lust, Sloth or Gluttony
    With Mountain Dew emerald eyes (wide)
    WHY ...I'm ENVY
    Seven deadly sins ...surfacing from deep within
    Below the skins melanin
    I'm the envy, the darkness army envoy
    Jealousy & Rage in my employ
    Creeping silently constricting like ivy
    'Etching' away at sensibilities
    Like Scrimshaw is to Ivory
    Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
    I silence LUST ...decay him to a dull lacklustre rust
    I summon WRATH & dispatch his Ass
    As easily as a deadly 'Asp'
    "All for One & one for all ....DumbAss"
    SLOTH too slow to stop my flow
    With poison tip arrow
    Blow-tip my blow-pipe ....blow for blow
    Has that sloth creature ...writhing in his death-throws
    That's how it goes as with ...PRIDE I ride his ego
    Red-Raw right down to rawhide
    Preserve that SIN's skin in formaldehyde
    GREED can run & try to hide
    But imma blood hound
    His masked scent
    To my keen smell-sense
    My path lit with fragrant incense
    He's easily found by this Basket-Hound
    His need for speed knows no bounds
    But heed my deed when found
    Greed's head dead (spiked on a spear-head)
    As no deadly sin
    Will be spared ...
    The Name ENVY
    Is Feared & will be revered
    Last but not least
    With GLUTTONY i'll feast
    Tame the Fat Lard-Assed Beast
    Make him my Bitch
    That tasty Turkey SandWhich
    Ravage & savage
    His sad carcass
    Turning his meat brain into vegan cabbage
    Toe-tagged & body-baggaged
    Envy is the go-to ....GOAT evil
    Rival the Devil
    An Armageddon Assassin
    The Seventh Deadly SIN
    Stealth-like ..always lurking withIN
    Jealousy gets you IN....

    Lat: sumas de peccatis
    [Seven deadly sins]