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    Many of us have been gone through this emotion isn't it ?
    We just prefer to be surrounded by people not because we need attention but because we don't want our thoughts to over lead us . We try to make ourselves busy in some or the other way so that we would run away from reality .
    Have you ever felt alone when you are with your loved ones ? They can be any of them your parents, best friends , gf , bf anyone . Have you ever felt it ? Ask yourself once .... Since childhood till now we have done no. Of things for them , not in the money factor always but emotion wise we did . And many of the times we don't even share what we are going through just because we don't want them to get worried about it .How much ever we do there's no one who can satisfy loneliness within us .
    Why do we need someone who's presence doesn't even bother us ? Why do we want to help everyone to solve their problems when there's no one to hear ours !!! It's easy to stand alone but it takes courage . It's not that difficult to be with your own self .
    When I get lonely this days , I think - so be lonely , learn your way around lonliness . Make a map of it . Sit with it , for once in your life . Because" loneliness adds beauty in our life , It puts a special burn of sunsets and makes night air smells better". You have tried no. Of people in your life , give a single chance to yourself . I bet this would be the best experience ever .
    Love yourself that's more important than loving others . You'll genuinely find new ways in your thoughts .

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    The time you feel lonely is the time you most need to be by yourself .