• rhythmic_beats 9w

    No judgements, only happiness!
    Oh it seems to be a dream
    In today's world, but look again
    How happy you were when you was a child!
    You used to blabber, sing, dance
    But without caring anything
    Because that gave you enjoyment, happiness!
    You used run, keeping all
    The house on your head
    Taking all mischiefs in your arm
    And play hide and seek with all
    And at last laugh out loud that
    Also echoed in parent's smile
    Till the night in their sleep too,
    But now laugh out loud is only lol in texts
    Hide and seek of emotions and happiness,
    No time for family and no time
    For self too!
    How badly we have transformed ourselves
    Into robots!
    Don't forget the happiest phase
    Was childhood and always
    It will be the happiest phase
    And it's our duty to continue
    The spirit of a child forever
    If you really want to enjoy
    And live life to the fullest!

    Okay smile now lovely children�������� stay happy, happier and the happiest ♥️♥️

    Let your heart, mind and soul always enjoy the rhythm of a child��

    It's healthy when your happiness is childish but yeah let your thoughts be matured too��✨ practice proper proportion✌️

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