• juhlianne 10w

    If Only

    Chigozie was the quiet one , the one who everyone liked to pick on. He was the one who never talked nor took beer when they hanged out at clubs. He was the one who had the coolest face and smiled at everyone.

    Martha the not too friendly among the group of friends liked to tease Chigozie, she would call him rude names, often making him feel stupid, but Chigozie was not the type who likes to get angry or offended, so he just smiled at Martha's folly every time.

    But then this day was different, he had tried for a contract that morning and was rejected. He was sad but still kept his smile till he misplaced his wallet and very vital documents. He tried so bad to calm his nerves even though he was freaking out. Then he ran into their other friend; Paul was the always friendly one, he offered to loan Chigozie money and even took him to lunch.

    They were about finishing lunch when Martha walked in, she was in a good mood today and so she choose to pick on her prey; Chigozie. Only if she knew that day was an unlucky one.

    She slapped him hard with her bag carelessly and laughed out loudly as she made silly jokes. Chigozie smiled at her as usual, but as she moved to hug Paul, her body let out a sharp cry of pain as it hit the floor and there stood Chigozie smiling with a blood stained knife in his hand.

    If only Martha knew he was bipolar, just maybe she would have left him alone.