• theoriginal90sbaby 5w

    Without The Lord, America Can Only Fail

    Our founding fathers rebelled against corrupt authority in England. Thus, the Revolutionary War of 1775. It must be noted that there's a drastic difference between our society in 1700 verses 2013. Between 1730-1740, The Great Awakening swept across America and most early colonists were either Baptists, Methodists or Presbyterians. By the time of the Revolutionary War, upper class wealthy colonists had abandoned the divinity of Christ for Deism (morality without Christianity). Notable deists were Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and John Adams.

    The New America is ...Disrespect, Dishonesty, Deception, Disgusting! I love America, but I fear my government. When the people are in control, there is liberty (if those people are God fearing people). For an unholy people to take control is anarchy. For government to take control is a Police State, Communist and Marxism. God's plan is for a people to fear the Lord.