• poet1k_trag3dy 23w

    The Uncertainty of Life

    lifes a trip one taken thats impossible to know the way it'll play out no matter what you predict
    how hard you try to achieve your vision, make things happen, every plot has it's many twists that a human could never detect
    i stand in shock and awe as i replay fragrments of all of my life traced to this very moment im blessed beyond measure to even exist
    seeing how the devil tempted at an early age whispering lies of a euphoric feeling i could capture for eternity in which i failed to resist
    one line of amphetmanine rushes through to the pleasure zone destroying the barriers creating the insanity of capturing that feeling each day
    never would of thought my life's journey living in such a corrupt world of lost souls meeting this goal by any mean or way
    what a way to go out with no one knowing who you were before the capturing of innocence and consumption of morality
    as your soul was signed away and if you cant find yourself all will be lost in the Hell you live repeatedly until the substance claims another casualty

    so awake or my eyes to see beyond the physical
    peer past the frame and into the soul of the individual
    looking past genetics into the reality of what's hidden behind each lie
    seeking a higher conscious within what's neglected in Hein sight.

    as i walk amongst this world of lost souls in search of an escape of disease
    cross contaminated by the pollution some rather ser sail a ship lost amomgst the seven seas
    I move swiftly and as silence as can be for there seems to be no time to shoot the breeze

    When you are living in disobedience the enemy has access to your blessing.
    Judges 6:1-5 clearly states

    leaving your soul open to take and extremely vulnerable as you failed to resist when exposed to sin
    on to follow the seven deadly on a path that leads to an eternity of pain, suffering and eventually early retirement from life within your skin

    as for my mother's only child I gifted her with priceless joy and conversation amongst others
    for i overcame the evil that once consumed me, with a good heart and new foundation as i continue to walk by faith guided by the spirit to lift up a fallen sister or brother.

    Ive never knew up until 5 years ago what other life existed after that day 10 years was consumed by a pipe dream in which my Mom met the same fate
    My Mother's best gift and sadly she never awoke to meet September 8th last year, one month from turning 48.

    you never truly know what you have until it leaves a memory and heart full of wish i would ofs
    dont wait for tragedy to strike for Im giving the lesson here so you hopefully make time for the ones you love.

    I miss her everyday and most time is consumed a slave to the root of all evil
    just to live in contentment as im convinced the dollar is an invention of no one other than the Devil

    She saw her only child overcome and create a beautiful life for himself
    who's always had a good heart and now that evil isnt controlling each beat
    is able to use his gifts to help guide the youth to victory and give them wisdom ive picked up a long this strange journey that'll have the enemy retreat.
    I wish my Mom could of found herself instead of escaping what cant be lost
    now a beautiful memory kept in my heart along with the pain from knowing i wont be holding her until my time expires and I'm called home
    what's your soul worth to you
    for mine is off the market for I was just a high away from cashing my life's final check, no comparison to what a moments serenity cost