• tamanna3 6w

    I don't know if there are army in mirakee.
    Still let's see if I find some today!
    #남준 #namjoonbirthday #to_rm #mirakee #army #bts #happy_rmday #wte #pod #writerstolli

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    Happy birthday , to the first love of my life,
    to my first love of BTS, and my first biggest inspiration.
    The statement he made "At least this planet has namjoon" is actually so damn legit!
    I'm so grateful for your existence among us, namjoon.
    Hail to the mother who gave birth to you
    Hail to the day you were born
    Hail to you for being you !
    I love you more than I can ever express, and I'm so grateful!

    You've inspired me to accept and love myself!
    And BTS inspired me including so many important things; to learn Korean 한글 myself! I'm giving my best to do that, I promise !
    Enjoy your day