• stories_made_for_you 26w

    First time

    Today was my first time asking a girl out.
    I already knew that there was a possibility that she would reject me.
    I told myself that I'd be okay with that though.
    In reality, I wasn't.
    When she said, no, I felt empty.
    I have liked this girl for 3 months and planned on asking her to the dance.
    I felt like a robot just walking around.
    I told my friend at my new school about what had happened.
    When she said she was sorry, I felt like crying.
    I couldn't cry though.
    It takes a lot for me to cry at school.
    After school, I got home and as soon as I sat down, i started crying.
    I had liked this girl for so long that if she told me to do something, i would do it.
    I'm still sad about it still.
    I'll get over it by tomorrow.
    I hope.