• vinayvarun 30w

    Love, please love and share!
    Life is to live and love,
    Give love, don't expect it in return,
    There are people who still craves for love!
    Love, Love And Love!!!

    Drop your comments, your reviews are welcome.
    Shower your love people. ����

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    The essence of somebody's love to us rejoices and delights,
    Love, a feeling so pure and chaste,
    Why there is no love for poor and deprived?

    A humble heart craves for eternal love,
    A small animal yields for its mother's lap,
    Why so many quarantined from love and its joys?

    Love that glows and blooms with time,
    That radiates the person who swallows his pride,
    That nourishes and flourishes each and every,
    Then why love is disapproved to many?

    Love that binds and wreathes a garland of togetherness,
    A bond so strong and bold,
    A heart that craves for more and more?
    Why still there lacks purity in people's love nowadays ?

    A passion that grows together,
    A heart that beats with love and glee,
    A woman who gives her heart and soul to fulfill her child,
    Why so many sleeps on road with love denied?

    A network that connects so many hearts,
    A light that ignites many hearts,
    A bloom to many strings of heart,
    A moment so unconquerable, that never lasts,
    Why there live people deprived of love and live with scars?