• rishi_557 34w

    She was infant

    'Na anaa iss desh lado' become
    the reality of life
    I thought that girls are not safe
    only in night.

    In the age of making new friends
    In the age of using pencils and pens
    She sees the drastic face of
    Humanity that you & i ever could can.

    It doesn't matter you wear saree or
    Short skirt , they started targetting
    Girls who are still under diappers.

    I think everyday, is my sister's safe
    But she was the one who taught me
    how to be brave.

    Is India's future really bright
    Because that 8 year old girl
    Started trending on porn site.

    They are full of insanity
    They are full of worse mentality
    I am ashamed to say
    We failed as humanity.