• loyalvoyager 6w

    4 Types of Women

    I live with a person who thinks there are 4 types of women

    His mother who gave him this life and who gives him blessings and love.

    His sister who belongs to him or she is also born from her mother and as he is taught from day one and shown that a sister is your own blood

    His love an unknown girl who becomes his soul whose every aspect he feels with great loving power. But sad she is not in love with him but he was, he is and he will always have her as his smile in his heart.

    At last All the other girls and women in whom it will be seen whose body is attractive and then filter out that which one will come to him then it will be sorted which one will come to bed and then back to same process.

    In this whole process, I must now either forget myself and sacrifices my life on him or I should get out of his life.

    And now I am struggling with this thing and this is probably called as my depression.