• nanyaerondu 5w


    We shriek in agony.
    We howl in tenebrosity.
    We caterwaul in devilry.
    We bawl in abject murk.
    The dawn brings sunset with it.
    The vicious bloodbath.
    We wail and they are unhearing.

    All we ever wanted was ...
    A better nation with good governance.
    A conflict-free asseveration of probity.
    A harmonious nation to believe in.
    A chaotic free society.
    A thorough end to brutality.
    A hearing and understanding.
    A life without constant carnage.
    A better future for our children.
    To just live, breathe and get true freedom.
    All we got was macabre and weeping.

    You swore to protect us.
    You swore to preserve our beliefs.
    You swore to provide a better life.
    You swore to pride in positivity.
    You swore to portray the norms of our land.
    You swore transparency and accountability.
    You swore a peaceful and united nation.

    All you did was...
    Starve us to quietus.
    Struggle to oppress us.
    Slaughter us in cold blood.
    Silently mutilate our dreams.
    Severely rain chaos and darkness.
    We are unbreakable.
    The youths Excruciation Epitomized.
    We screech for redemption from Sanguinary.
    Black Tuesday