• eunoiaorenda 5w


    Completely denied
    The leaves have all dried
    The fruits of my labor
    I begin to rectify
    My fears legitimize themselves
    With the onslaught of complications
    A thirst that can be quenched
    I will testify
    I've become used to suppressing it
    With blood I will drench
    Dodging bullets
    Limbs rotting as I lay dormant in the trench
    Emotional warfare
    Sending out flares
    You dont care
    Tell that to your reflection right there
    You can't tell by the inflection I'm not all the way there
    You can pull me by my hair and tell me I have your love
    But you can't tell me that love has been reciprocated
    Screams the heavens above
    We have had lots of
    Carousels and broken melodies
    Bridges have fallen and collapsed
    Just like a rubber band
    Time snaps these kind of things back