• sharmamanisha_melophile 10w

    My papa..you know calling dad seems so formal,
    He is the best man who teaches me moral.
    I can imagine he would've been the most handsome man in his time,
    He is still a good-looking person to me, always making us shine.
    He has some lines known as wrinkle,
    That's because he spent his life to bring us up with twinkle.
    He has some dark circles under his eyes,
    That's because of the sleepless nights.
    He might not wear a cape or a mask,
    Yet he has a very important task.
    He wants nothing in return of these,
    Want us to live with ease.

    Today is my Papa's birthday,
    And I wish Papa god to bless my papa with all the happiness on this day.
    May you get more than you deserve.
    Saranghamnida ������
    Borahae ������

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