• blessingi 5w


    This question pounds my head
    What's a lifetime of achievement,
    If I pushed you to the edge?
    But you were too polite to leave me here
    Do you miss this rogue,
    Who coaxed you into paradise and left you there?
    Will you forgive my soul -
    When you're too wise to trust me and too old to care?
    Were you waiting at our old spot
    In the tree line,
    By the gold clock
    Did I leave you hanging every single day?
    Were you standing in the hallway
    With a big cake, happy birthday
    Did I paint your bluest skies the darkest grey?
    I'm lost again with no surprises, disappointments,
    I close my eyes,
    And it gets colder and colder.
    As the sun goes down,
    You must know,
    Im sorry for not making you my centerfold.