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    Racial or caste discrimination should fade right?
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    Pyaar kya hai? ❤

    "Sudden bombing on 24th December on Sultanpur Fort. 46 Britishers dead". Read the headlines of all newspapers.
    In a world after 20 years we vision Britishers again ruling and torturing us. But the fierce and bellicose attitude of the independence movement is still raging and is now stronger than before.
    The main culprits of the movements were arrested. Majority were Hindus and Muslims
    Rest were Parsees and others.
    Order arrived:Pehle Muslaman ko mara hoga.
    Slaughtering of Muslims first. But the question lay "Who were the Muslims in the disputed band of fugitives.? "
    British official asked them :Kaun hai Muslim bolo? NHI toh sab mare jayenge. Undaunted courage and exemplary bravery they showed. None revealed their identity of caste.
    All of their Wrists were slit open as a punishment.There was intense pain but none uttered a word. Silence waa their weapon in veil as if
    And all of them did bleed irrespective of their creed
    And as they bled an eternal message was laid.
    Hindu ho ya Muslaman, may we stay united and let this